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What does Brave mean to you?

Gee, what does being brave mean to me?  Well I think it would be easier to start with what being brave does not mean to me. Being brave isnít just proving you can walk over a pit of hungry cobras or snowboard down a nearly vertical hill.  In my opinion bravery is not only physical but emotional as well.  People who say they are brave because they held a scorpion say that only because they are not so brave emotionally.  I also think being brave means being able to stand up for what you believe in and not let others take your thoughts away. Some people will not stand up for themselves because they are afraid someone will hurt them. Those people are both afraid emotionally and physically.  Bravery is not something you can just get. You have to gain it like you gain someoneís trust. If you try real hard you will gain bravery but if not you will never make it.

Can you be brave but afraid at the same time?

Yes you can be very brave but very afraid at the same time. You can be brave emotionally but be scared physically. If you have to cross a rope over lava to reach someone you love you might be scared on the outside but the bravery on the inside will help you reach your goals.  If you have to leave someone you love dearly you might be scared on the inside but your bravery to go to new places on the outside will help you to let go and move on.

An essay about bravery I had to do in 5th grade...I won an award for it!
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